photo credit Dale Rogerson

Gretchen kept the steeple in view. Surely, a place that had a steeple with a cross was a place where she could find refuge and help.

Footsore, dirty, hungry, tired to the bone, she trudged until she saw a parking lot. No cars. The sign in front of the building was a real estate “For Sale” sign that had been covered with a SOLD! banner.

Underneath, she read, “New Home of Community Theatre, Open in Summer of 2022!”

She crumpled, fading as she hit the ground. Her body was a grisly welcome for the renovation crew.


51 thoughts on “Refuge

      1. It has been a continuing problem for about 40 years. I don’t know much about the history of the decline of Catholic Churches in America, but it has been a process throughout the country, if not the world. The only place where the RC Church may be growing is Africa. But I’m uncertain of that.

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  1. Linda,
    Very dark, and maybe an allegory for where the world is headed given the church dwindling in influence as it becomes more a place of entertainment than a refuge for the hopeless and the lost.

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  2. I think we see the story with the sold churches everywhere (where I work, a small church is going to be converted into a hall for prsentations: great acoustics.) Great descriptions of the hope turning into despair for your poor MC.

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  3. Such a sad story, Linda. Like almost anything, the use for a building can disappear leaving it open for other interpretations, which is not always a bad thing – better than demolishing.
    Your poor girl would have needed anyone to help her upon seeing her.

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  4. Bear

    This is such a sad reality. Recently our minister spoke of the decline in church membership that is reaching a threshold with many of the smaller churches going under for lack of support. It is a sad, very sad, testament to our times. My hubby and I have left a “mega-wannabe” church with over 900 members to attend a much, much smaller one with about 200 on the rolls and about a hundred in service of a sunday. Most of them are over the age of 60, too. I often fear that with all the pandemic losses, that number may get even smaller. I’ve been through one church closing in my lifetime ( a small one room church with no plumbing) and do not wish to experience another. Sigh….

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  5. She just made a temporary stop before going in for some warmth, peace, and love. Might be better than being put up in a hotel for a week. I love you on the spot stories, Linda. They are always closely related to the picture.

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