A Good Girl


Her father had always intimidated her. Rarely, he hit her– but just his voice, his eyes and face, could make her feel stupid and do stupid things. She knew he enjoyed himself.

When she said she wanted to take driver’s ed at school, he said, “No. I’ll teach you myself. ”

Every session was an endless commentary on her stupidity, her worthlessness. She began to grow angry instead of fearful.

The day she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes ended his litany of abuse.

No one doubted her. She’d always been such a good girl.


47 thoughts on “A Good Girl

    1. Yes, it is awful for a girl–or boy–to be in such a situation because it conditions them to think poorly of themselves all the time. It’s very hard to dislodge the abusive words that go back to your earliest memories.

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