But Why. . . .

PHOTO PROMPT © David Stewart

“Mommy, what are those . . . . balls?”

“They’re babies, Mark. They’re floating downstream to be claimed by their parents.”

“But . . . .is that how you and Daddy got me?”


“But how did you know? They don’t have faces, or name tags!”

The right parents just find the right babies. It works.”

But what if no one finds their baby?”

“I, um, I’m not sure, Mark.”

“And why are there so many more girls than boys?”

“Mark, you ask too many questions. I don’t always know every answer.”

“But Mom—“

“Hush. Let’s get some ice cream.”

48 thoughts on “But Why. . . .

  1. If she’s going to spin a yarn like that, she needs to think faster on her feet, maybe “It’s Friday, honey, you know, Femaleday. You can bet that there’ll be more blues on Maleday, I mean Monday” 😉

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  2. Dear Linda,

    And Mark grew up with very skewed ideas about reproduction. 😉 I managed to be blessed with all blue ones. Cute story. I hope at some point Mom might have a more realistic talk with her son. Nonetheless you left me smiling.



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  3. Perhaps each pod has a GPS tag. And more girls were ordered because little boys ask too many questions?

    Children are good with question after question. It’s a gift to nurture, it’s how we think outside the box for answers.

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