Scary Place

PHOTO PROMPT © Anne Higa  

Zing and Zang trembled in the darkest corner they could find. Their surroundings were dismal. Dark, bleak, cold, musty. Water poured from a pipe into a deep cistern. Moisture clung to the walls.

“What on earth. . . ” started Zang. He couldn’t find any more words.

“Well,” pondered Zing, “They’ve sent us back in time, as they warned us. Good thing we’re invisible.”

As they watched and listened, storing everything in their memory banks, they sensed the fear. They watched the furtive glances, and heard the murmuring voices. Whatever was going on here filled them with terror.

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41 thoughts on “Scary Place

    1. I’ve tried very hard to teach history as a story. not a list of dates and names that mean nothing if you don’t know the story. And I’ve gotten into some trouble because I refuse to romanticize history. Tell it the way it really happened, or don’t bother.

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  1. You create a good atmosphere of hidden terrors. I particularly like, “They watched the furtive glances, and heard the murmuring voices.” Those things that are perceptible but just below the threshold of understanding are often the most effective at making the nerves tingle.

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