Going to the Store


Annie had never been in a Chinese grocery store. She clung to Mommy’s hand in the crowded aisles.

“So many kinds of rice!” said Mommy. “I don’t know. . . “

The short Chinese man beamed up at Mommy and offered his help.

“My husband is Chinese. His parents are coming to visit and I don’t know what to give them for supper!”

“Ah, Missus, come!” He led her to the exit, pointing to the American grocery store. “You make the nice pot roast, mash potato, gravy. Apple pie, ice cream. Tomorrow, ask his mother to help make husband’s favorites!”


I don’t usually struggle to stay within 100 words, but my first draft of this story was 153 words, and NONE of them could be cut! Well, yes they could! Fifty-three words gone, and the story is still there 🙂


41 thoughts on “Going to the Store

  1. If it’s any comfort, I struggled to keep it down to 100 this week, and failed. Close enough to pass, but … well. I enjoyed your story. Sounds like a wise Papasan to send Missus to make an american meal.

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  2. Dear Linda,

    It reminds me of an episode of Bewitched when Samantha asked what Darrin’s Chinese clients wanted when they came to dinner. The way it came out was “Hung-ai Ran Goo Rash.” She went nuts trying to find the recipe. Turns out they wanted Hungarian Goulash. (Funny what memories stick with us, no?)
    Glad you figured out you didn’t need the other 53 words. That’s the way it usually goes. 😉 Good one.



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  3. Or her husband could get off his booty and go shopping. Food of any kind is going to be a winner if it’s prepared right. I’m thankful to all ethnicities and cultures for sharing their culinary wisdom. How boring would it be if we only ate one type of food?

    Cutting words is usually the hardest part for me, too. It seems impossible at first.

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