Guiding Light


Zing and Zang had been away from Earth, called back to their home planet of Zirkon to be debriefed and enjoy some Zirkonian R&R.

They rapidly descended toward their old neighborhood.

“Ugh!” exclaimed Zing. “It’s still winter, and it’s going to be SO cold! They could have waited a bit and sent us back when the weather was better!

“Don’t start! You’re always complaining! At least they left a light on for us, and it will be warm in the house.”

In silence, they came to rest and went inside.

“Maybe you should request a new partner.”

“Maybe I should.”

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35 thoughts on “Guiding Light

  1. That’s what happens when any two beings spend too much time together. Maybe a Zeng will join the ranks of Zirkonian explorers and give them a break from each other. I’m assuming they’re paired alphabetically.

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    1. I haven’t written about my two little aliens in some time, but the lamp post brought them to mind right away. Should be interesting to see what happens next.

      And thanks. I don’t like taking selfies, as they never turn out well for me. Took me TEN tries to get one I could use πŸ™‚

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