Winter Roses

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

“It’s a misnomer, you know.”
“What is?”

“Blooming roses and winter. Snow. Ice. It’s just wrong.”

“So which do you not like? Roses, or winter?”

“I love roses. I don’t mind winter. I just don’t think they belong together.”

“Well, relax. Those roses won’t be likely to survive the freeze. They’ll be black and dead tomorrow.”

“That’s sad.”

“It’s life. You know what? I think maybe YOU are the one who’s a misnomer!”

“What? Why?”

“Your name is Joy.”


31 thoughts on “Winter Roses

  1. I was once in an airport when they paged a man whose name was……wait for it….”Dollar”
    Imagine growing up with that name. I hope he didn’t feel devalued.

    Joy will probably have her moments of joy. Fun banter in the story.

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