Mountain Railroad

PHOTO PROMPT © Alicia Jamtaas

Annie sat quietly in the back seat. It had been a long, dull journey across the plains, and she was indulging her imagination to help pass the time.

As they passed a rare grove of trees and undergrowth, Annie spied a railroad track floating above the brush. She watched until it was too far behind them to see.

Turning around to face forward, she said, “Mommy, is that what the song is about?”

“What song, Annie?”

“You know, the one about life and a mountain railroad.” Annie began to hum.


32 thoughts on “Mountain Railroad

  1. I LOVE the old gospel music! I grew up on the old bluegrass gospel records, too. What a joy that I can now listen to many of those old tunes on youtube! Great story, and yes, seeing such a sight as is in the picture does lead one down the road of imagination. In that, it reminds me of the song “old black train” …maybe you remember that one. If not, give this a listen:

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    1. We don’t actively celebrate Lent, but I do think about it as I have several friends who observe it. And I especially have considered it as I travel through the book of John and the Passion Week. Thanks, my friend.

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