PHOTO PROMPT © Trish Nankivell




“Oh good grief. This is not worth arguing about. It’s easier to reach when it’s coming over the top. If you want to dig for it, then put it the other way. I’ll change it every time!”

“I’m going to get you a cat.”

“I don’t want a cat.”


The cat stood on the toilet seat and pawed the toilet paper–from the top–into a tangled mess.

“I TOLD you I didn’t want a cat!”

“I told YOU to hang the TP so it comes from UNDER the roll.”

“That was before the stupid cat. . . “


46 thoughts on “Under/Over

  1. Dear Linda,

    I confess that I’ve surreptitiously changed the roll from under to over when using the facilities in other people’s homes. What’s wrong with these people??? Fortunately we no longer have a cat. 😉



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    1. :). That’s funny, Rochelle. I’ve never changed one in someone else’s house, but I have to do it often here at home. Also the paper towel roll in the kitchen. After nearly 52 years, Terry STILL doesn’t get it!

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  2. Over! Always over, unless one happens to be in Australia, but they’re strange people. Interestingly, I read an article in recent years, that said when toilet paper dispensers first came out, they came with manuals that declared over to be the correct method.

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  3. This is very funny 🙂 I’m glad I have a dog that isn’t interested in toilet rolls, as it drives me to distraction if the toilet roll is upside down. I’ve not yet changed it in anybody else’s house, but the time might come for me to do so.. The problem in my house is that when a toilet roll is finished and I have bothered to put a spare new ones on the window ledge, nobody thinks to put it on the holder, either way up. They just leave the cardboard there for me to throw in the bathroom rubbish bin.

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