PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Before I write today’s story, I just want to share this with you before I forget. I was at the Walmart, heading for the dairy case. My path took me through the section for adult beverages. Since I don’t drink, I never paid much attention to anything there, but this item caught my eye. If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you will know why:

Zing Zang All Natural Margarita Mix

The anticipation, like pre-Christmas excitement, filled the auditorium. Sound inspected, lights checked, special effects ready. The support staff armed themselves with snacks and drinks. Behind the scenes, they didn’t have to worry about being caught on film.

The band members huddled in one of the dressing rooms, arms over each others’ shoulders, pep-talking each other and trying to calm their nerves.

A tap came on the door. “Ready, fellas? Time!”

“Yeah. Ready. Let’s go, guys!”

The audience erupted with screams and cheers as the band bounded onto the stage.

An explosive roar turned the cheers to screams. No concert after all.


41 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. The second terror attack at a concert in the collection this week! When concerts do come back, I hope this isn’t what the future holds. As for Zing and Zang expanding into adult beverage industry – good on them, they have finally learned a sure fire way to make money from humans!! 🙂

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    1. You’e the first to comment on the product. Not being a drinker, I have no idea what a Margarita tastes like. For the sake of my two little guys, it would be nice if they could make a little pocket money out of it 🙂

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  2. Linda, I’m not surprised we wrote similar responses to this week’s prompt. The photo looked a bit chilling to me, with all the instruments all set up but no band. With the lighting effects, I was also tempted to go for a “beam me up Scotty” approach, but once the idea of the cigette came to me and that being his last cigarette, I had to run with it. .
    If there’s one thing we’ve learnt during this pandemic, it’s how weird and bizarre things can become.
    Hope you’re keeping well and staying safe.
    Best wishes,

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  3. bearmkwa

    Oh, what a tragic way to go. Got a chuckle out of the adult beverage aisle find, though. I was recently strolling through hobby lobby and saw a piece of “art”,,, a silohuette of a bear… with the caption “People in tents are like soft tacos”… another chuckle. These days we have to find it where we can.

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  4. I enjoyed the way you built up the story to it’s tragic climax, Linda.
    A chilling sign of our times that will be forever changed.
    Have a wonderful weekend … Be Safe 😷
    Isadora 😎 🙏🏻
    ps – ‘It is Well with my Soul’ is one of my favorite songs as is ‘Eye of the Sparrow’.
    This group came to do a concert at our church. I bought their album and have worn it out. They were delightful young men. Blessings🙏🏻

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  5. That’s probably the worst possible way to bomb during a performance. The build-up was so serene, you caught me completely off guard with the ending. I’m sure it was the same for everyone at the concert.

    I hope you’re getting residuals from that Margarita mix, or at least Zing and Zang are.

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