© C. E. Ayr

“I can’t understand!” Corrie wept as she searched, going over the same ground for the third time.

“I had the cord tied around my wrist, in a tight knot. I never took it off, even for a bath. The charm was the only thing on the cord. . .”

Adam sighed. He’d heard it dozens of times in the past hour or more. He felt badly for Corrie, but it wasn’t valuable. Just a childhood keepsake.

“I’ll be lost without it—-Adam! Look! There’s the cord!”

But no charm. Corrie’s tears increased as she accepted the futility of the search. Still lost.


41 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Dear Linda,

    Not everything has to have a monetary value to be considered priceless by the owner. I have a plastic dreidl from my childhood that I wouldn’t take a million dollars for. 😉 Heart wrenching story.



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  2. AshleyDannie

    Oh this hits me right in the feels! I have accidentally lost my grandma’s ring she gave me before she died a few times…I fear the day I cannot find it. I feel and know her pain!!!!

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  3. You captured that emotion well. I’ve been in that position many times, where you just keep looking over and over, but never finding it, always wondering if it’s just out of sight or long gone somewhere. Hopefully it will turn up on its own later, as things sometimes do.

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  4. It’s those little things that mean the most especially when no one else can understand their importance. I can relate to this. I’m not one for jewelry, but I used to wear a necklace my grandmother gave me. One day, I was playing baseball and took off my sweatshirt. The necklace fell off in the grass. Fortunately, someone found it and gave it back. Now, it lives in a case in a drawer, safe from the perils of the world.

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