PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

(You may remember that last week I mentioned my “like” button, along with my notification bell, was not working. I couldn’t “like” any of your stories. I got into an online forum offered by Word Press, and FINALLY, after following many suggestions, someone asked if my third-party cookies setting was disabled. Yes, it was. I had disabled it, because I get sick of clickbait from places in which I have no interest. So I enabled all cookies, and VOILA! “Like” is working. Notification bell is working. If you use Chrome and you’re having similar issues, check your settings for cookies. It was an easy fix, once I knew how to do it.)

And now for my story:

“Oh, now that’s just going too far,” whined Bella. “Garlic in every window, every door? They KNOW they have to invite us in. This is just offensive.”

“Stop whining!” barked Bariel. “We’ll wait. Just make sure you stay in the cover of the woods in case the sun takes us by surprise.”

“I’m staying right here by the door,” insisted Bella. There’s shade from the overhang. I’m going to catch someone by sur—–AAAAGGGgggggghhhh!!”

The holy water hit her full in the face, leaving only dust.

Bariel grunted. “Know-it-all newbies.”


38 thoughts on “Newbies

  1. Newbies! You’re undead for a few years and think you know everything… Good one. For some reason i was reading “Bela” instead of “Bella” until you used gender. It’s a Hungarian name, so very much in vampire territory. You know, like Bela Lugosi 😉

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      1. After I wrote the comment I figured you either did it with him in mind, or it was a subconscious thing. Of course, for a younger generation you could have played double-gender with “Chris”, since Mr. Lee might be better remembered these days, but it doesn’t have the Romanian flare…

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      2. I remember watching some of the old black and white movies with Lugosi. They really were kind of creepy for us 50’s kids who hadn’t seen anything like it before. Now, I think I’d just laugh 🙂

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