Back in My Day


“Blasted new-fangled contraptions! Stinking, noisy, clogging the streets and creating chaos! If God had intend–“

“Granddad, come on! You sound like all the old fogies sitting in the pub complaining about how things have changed since ‘their day.’ Can’t you think of anything good that has happened?”

“Nope! Not a gol-dang thing! In MY day, youngsters didn’t disrespect their elders!”

“No? Huh. Seems I remember some stories. . .”

“Bah! Nonsense. None of it true!”

“Well, that’s a shame. It seems to me you had a lot of fun. Are you saying you’ve always been a grouch?”


38 thoughts on “Back in My Day

    1. Yes, I agree. It is sad to see young people ‘s who are so forward with their elders. But with these two, I think the grandfather enjoys the sparring, and there is affection between them. It’s just important to know how far is ok, and when it’s not ok any more.


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