Golden Streets?

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Nan had stars in her eyes. She wanted to be one— a STAR, that is. She grew up watching old black-and-white movies with her mom, and they shared their daydreams of being one of the glamorous women in the lead roles. She was already beautiful. She accepted that without vanity, knowing it was a gift she hadn’t earned.

Now? Well, no one had warned her of the long days on her feet, slogging through the customers in the restaurant where she worked while trying to find the magic door to stardom.

No golden streets here. Maybe tomorrow.


29 thoughts on “Golden Streets?

  1. To steal a line from a Joni Mitchell song, she’s still immersed in the “starmaker machinery” and that has to be vicariously thrilling to some extent. Good story, Linda.


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