PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Every possession had to be dealt with. The hardest were the ones that had been most beloved by their mother. Her photos: Family, Dad, things she wanted to paint some day. Her needlework: Hours of laborious cross stitch, crochet, sewing. Her numerous cookbooks and drawers full of recipes clipped from many sources.

Her paints and tools for painting. They reflected her love of color, of flowers, of seasons. The paintings would never make her rich or famous, but they reflected her joy in living.

She treasured everything she kept. Most of it had to be tossed.


37 thoughts on “Treasures

  1. zoogirlpatti

    I love your story …I sense the gentleness, love and caring of a woman who loved her family and her life. Although we never met, you made it possible to visualize her paintings, look into her box of photos that span many years and seeing the carefully clipped recipes that resulted in many delights for her loved ones. Beautiful.

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  2. Dear Linda,

    How ironic. The big square palette is among a mountain of art supplies I bought from a woman having to sell her mother’s paints, etc. She had only the best and I didn’t get hurt on the deal. Some pretty amazing stuff. Although I know it was painful for the daughter. Your story reflects the prompt in the most perfect way. Hard choices. Well done.



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    1. Last week I went to an artist’s home to buy supplies as was quitting everything. I was puzzled. She was younger than I. Her water color supplies were mediocre for a pro, then she confessed that she had called her former students first and gave them first dibs. He claim was, “not enough time.”

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  3. My brother and I are currently sorting through our mother’s things, she passed away last month. It’s amazing what we’ve found, from lacemaking bobbins to long-forgotten photos. What to keep and what should go is so difficult.

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    1. No matter how old we are when our parents go, it’s always too soon. I’m sorry for your loss, Keith, and I pray that going through her things may bring wonderful memories for you and your brother.

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    1. When my mom had to move to a nursing home, she was watching my sister and a couple of friends pack up what she would need. As the tears rolled down her face, she said, “You’re throwing my life away. Could you wait until I’m in my new place before you finish?”

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