The relentless sun baked the adobe house. It was cooler inside, and no one even noticed the box that had been delivered. Carriers no longer rang the doorbell or asked for a signature. “Drop and go” was their COVID policy.

As the hottest time of the day neared, the box began to move. It bulged, rocking and scooting against the locked gate. A persistent low buzz could have been heard if anyone had been there to hear it.

Finally, a corner tore open. Wider, wider still, until a reptilian head pushed through. No one saw it slither through the bars.


36 thoughts on “Delivery

  1. Good story.
    I’m wincing here because the other option is to open the box inside the house.
    We have many snakes where I live. I’ve learned that they will leave me alone if I do not upset them, like stepping on them, for example.
    The photo could easily be Arizona, home of the Diamondbacks. 🙂
    Nice one, Linda.

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  2. That last line gave me chills. I have an irrational fear of snakes. Their movements are just so creepy.

    Here they had a drop and go policy long before COVID. There have been many packages I would not have known were delivered had my phone not told me. That’s one package I’d prefer to missssssssss.

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    1. I’m still amazed that the story came from my brain to my fingers. I have a totally irrational fear of all things snaky. Ugly, evil, and sinister. I would live in daily terror in any area where snakes are abundant. I know we have them here, but they don’t come out into the open.

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