Traffic Lights

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehudah

Zing and Zang perched on top of the yellow car. Invisible, they observed the drivers’ obedience to the traffic lights.

“How do you train millions of people to obey three simple colors? Look, they ALL follow the rules! Even the walkers wait for the green light before they cross from one side to the other.” Zang was amazed at the conformity of the people.

Zing thought for a moment. “You know, we should be able to use this system in some way when we take over. We need to make sure we report it!”

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43 thoughts on “Traffic Lights

  1. They’re not observing very closely, Millions of people are going walkabout in the pandemic, Some are doing it because they need to work to live. But many others are doing it because they just can’t take being told what to do

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  2. Dear Linda,

    When they take over? Hmm. I thought Zing and Zang were more observers. At any rate, they’d be smart to keep the present system. It’s one of the few things that works (after a fashion) these days. Cute story.



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  3. Your Z-folk might get a shock when they cross the pond, Linda, traffic lights might control pedestrians in the USA, but not in Scotland, France, or most other parts of Europe.

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    1. You know, I thought about that later. Realized things are different wherever you go, but I’ve seen videos of traffic in Paris that I think are terrifying! Lots more foot traffic in Europe, as well. Every neighborhood has its markets, and you just don’t need to drive as much. I wouldn’t mind that at all.


  4. Natasha

    If we continue to plunder the planet the way we are, it won’t be a surprise that the aliens will take over.

    Who knows they already have, like Keith just said.

    Cute tale to the prompt this, Linda.

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