Music Fest?


It was an annual event in Allentown. Music Fest was a delight for all sorts of things, including aromatic food, throbbing music, carnival rides, and multitudes of booths to investigate.

Not all was happy this year, though. It was hard to imagine staying six feet apart in the usual throngs. Harder still to sing through a face mask. Licenses for food booths were much more restrictive than usual, and most had been denied.

It just didn’t feel very festive, with only one stage and two food canopies.

Dratted virus!


28 thoughts on “Music Fest?

  1. It’s sad but doable. Because of all the frustration they should watch it online. I go to Mass, meetings, and other things on Zoom and Youtube. There’s nothing like the personal in person touch though. Our only real consolation is that it’s temporary

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    1. It does. Still haven’t heard an absolute decision, but I’m thinking no, or at least much smaller. We’re too close to Philly, where the virus is still in very high numbers.


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