Funny, what people throw out. That picture was probably valued and admired once, but now it’s a ruin. The victim of neglect and over-familiarity, it’s no longer interesting. Dump it. Crush it in the compactor of the garbage truck, and don’t give it another thought.

Lila knew exactly how that felt.


51 thoughts on “Trash

    1. Thanks, Rochelle. The typo was in the last line. I wrote, “Lila new. . .” instead of “Lila knew. . .” silly mistake 🙂

      I hadn’t planned such a short piece, but after I wrote that last line, it just seemed the natural place to stop. Today’s post was not one that I had to slice and dice to stay within the word limit!

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    1. Thanks. I think she’ll find her way out of her personal slough of despair, but right now she’s feeling like she’s been put out with the trash!

      And isn’t it funny how often we talk about our characters as if they were real 🙂


  1. Perfect analogy for many not-so-perfect relationships.

    I hadn’t heard the name Lila in years. As a youngster, I went to school with a girl named Lila. She was pretty, and her father was a doctor. Now, I wonder what ever became of her. I hope she’s well and happy, and has enjoyed a wonderful life.

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