Up on the Roof

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Con loved the roof. His building was near the city center, standing several stories high.

It was his refuge. Quiet, delightfully desolate. All the noise and chaos below didn’t touch him.

He took his guitar that day. Needed some music

To his complete surprise, his chair was not empty when he closed the door to the stairway and turned around. A gorgeous vision sat there. He blinked, thinking he was hallucinating.

She blinked, fearing she had crossed a line.

“Hi,” he grinned. I’m Con. Who’re you?”

“Selma.” Blushing.

“Welcome to my roof, Selma. You live here?”


53 thoughts on “Up on the Roof

  1. A guitar, a lady. Nice one. And I’m pleased with your comment on my blog. I even made sure the prompt photos are nice and big now, to divert. I’ve been using that name and similar image since I published and edited a UK small press mag in the 1980s.

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    1. Just curious–has anyone else besides me commented on your snake? And please be assured, I’m not asking you to remove it–especially when it’s something of a trademark for you. I just seriously HATE the things, terrified of them. Not much else that I fear, but snakes? Yeah genuine fear 🙂


      1. You more than I, but yes. I do try to keep a positive attitude–a gratitude attitude, if you will. Especially in times of crisis. But working in a counseling office did refine that optimism into a more realistic outlook, perhaps a little less “pie-in-the-sky” than I was before. I also have the unfortunate ability to be extremely critical and doomygloomy. Isn’t it strange that we can carry complete opposites within our own personality? I’m learning, though, that happiness, joy, gratitude are choices we can–and should–choose on purpose.

        Well, I sure went off of a rabbit trail!

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      2. michaelkreger

        Right in the middle of all these posts about Optimism and Young Love Amongst the Roofing Tiles, I get a blog post from Mom saying, “One of you is a devil!”


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