Discover Prompts, Day 9: Pairs

I’m coming in very late on this one. Forgot about it until I was about to close down for the day. So let’s see. Pairs.

A pair is two, right? As in a pair of socks. One sock, two socks, matching socks. Pair. Until the dryer eats one. Now you have an unmatched, lonely little sock.

So why isn’t a pair of pants two? If we say, “Put your pants on,” we mean one garment. A tube for each leg. But not TWO pants; just one. If we want one pant at the clothing store, we say, “I need a pair of pants.” So shouldn’t the salesperson bring us TWO pants?

Can you tell that I’m feeling a little giddy? It’s time for me to be heading for bed, where I have a pair of wonderful pillows, and a set of pj’s that are soft and comfy.

And there’s another one. We call it a PAIR of pajamas, but it’s actually a set, right? If we wanted a pair, wouldn’t we say we want two sets of matching pajamas?

And here’s one for free that has nothing to do with pairs.

If you can be DIScombobulated, why can’t you be combobulated? Someone has suggested it should be a new word. I don’t care. It’s just something to talk about 🙂

Here’s Sherlock Holmes doing some discombobulating:

Good night, everyone. Have a wonderful, combobulating sleep in your set of pajamas and your pair of pillows!


6 thoughts on “Discover Prompts, Day 9: Pairs

  1. A quick hop back in history will tell you that pants were actually a pair. That is: two legs a man pulled on and overlapped/fastened at the front with a patch called a “codpiece.” Each leg also had strings at the top; these he tied to his waist band (belt or undershirt? I forget.) Had to research clothing when writing a story set in the 1550s.

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