PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold

No one was at the marina except for those who lived on their boats. They were few. It was quiet. No radios blaring, no children shrieking and splashing.

Old Pete stood at his living room window, his arm pulling Etta, his wife of 50 years, into his embrace.

“When will it be over?” Etta said.

“Don’t know. It’ll be over when it’s over,” Pete replied.

“I miss everyone.”

“Yup. But there’s hope.”

“Hope? Where? You’ve always been a cockeyed optimist!”

“Not optimism. God’s promise. Don’t you see the rainbow?”

Etta sighed, leaning in. “Yes. Thanks, Pete.”


48 thoughts on “Hope

    1. Ha! A friend of mine, a pharmacologist, told me people really shouldn’t go outdoors at all for the next two weeks. My first thought: Right. Best weather we’ll have until fall, and we have to stay indoors? Bah! Humbug!

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    1. Thanks, Penny. I’m doing my best to stay positive through all of this–the virus, the destructive politics, the name-calling and blame-shifting. Can’t focus on that stuff!


      1. Yes, positive is good. I’m not watching any news and I’m listening to very little. I’m enjoying the garden, and writing, and a lot of prayer – not prayer about the situation, but prayer in which I try to get closer to Jesus. In case you’re interested, I have another blog, ‘Seeking the Light’, which you can find here https://wordpress.com/stats/insights/seeking-the-light.com
        I’m reading through John’s gospel at present.
        Love and blessings

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      2. Penny, the link you gave comes up blank–
        “This page not found”–so I went to your fiction page instead. Found a couple of your John posts there, along with you FF post for today:) I also tried just “seeking the light” and came up empty.

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