Is It a Bird? A Plane? A CAR?!

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Poor Zing and Zang had to clue this time. It made no sense to them.

“What’s a Rockin’ Roger? What’s a 50’s diner? Why would you have a diner in an old car? Why would you stick it up so high? Even earth people aren’t that tall!” Zang slumped in dismay. He’d learned to love earth food, especially burgers, fries, and malted milk shakes.

Zing pondered. “Let’s go invisible, teleport up there, and check it from the inside.”

“Okay. Ready? Go!”

“It’s empty. And dusty. No earth people at all.”

“I see McDonald’s down the street. Come on, we can eat there.”

Image result for cute aliens

34 thoughts on “Is It a Bird? A Plane? A CAR?!

  1. Dear Linda,

    I don’t get the appeal of McDonald’s either. Now we had a place in Kansas City when I was growing up called Wimpy’s. They had great burgers and the best Italian steaks anywhere. 😉 Too bad the boys didn’t find it.



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  2. I suppose MacDonalds is so universal, even Zing and Zang can walk in and order without creating a scene. I do hope they’re hanging out in CA. 😉
    “Hey, Sam, get a load of those two!”
    “Likely just some actors on break from a Hollywood sci-fi show.”

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