The Fountain


“Earth people are so strange!” commented Zing. He and Zang were perched on the bench, watching the water fall from the spigots on all four sides of the pillar with the knob on top.

“I know,” replied Zang. “They put pipes underground from the river to this place, cover it all up with cement, and build an engine to push the water out the spouts. Why don’t they just enjoy the river?”

“Beats me! Hey, did you hear that? I just used a sling expression!”

“Sling? You mean “slang.”

“Right. Slang. Earth people have strange words, too”

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48 thoughts on “The Fountain

    1. English is VERY confusing, and I’m so thankful that my parents encouraged us to read, read, read when we were young. A lot of exposure to the (correctly) written word is invaluable.

      I’m seeing more and more inaccuracies that I’m afraid are becoming standardized through usage. “Alright,” for instance, is correctly “all right.”There are many more, but this isn’t a thesis on English grammar 🙂

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