City and Country

PHOTO PROMPT © Dawn Miller

“It takes no brains to be a farmer,” pontificated City Mouse. “Anyone could do it.”

“Yes?” replied Country Mouse. “Tell me, what would you do if you were faced with a months-long drought? Or a plague of locusts? Or daily dust storms? Tornadoes? Endless rain? Broken machinery? Disease spreading in the wheat or corn? Cows drying up, unable to feed their young? Chickens that don’t lay? Hogs that sicken and die?”

“Easy!” puffed City Mouse. “I’d simply go to the nearest grocery store and buy what I need.”

Country Mouse grinned, shook his head, and went back to work.


62 thoughts on “City and Country

    1. My husband was talking with an elderly woman. We were having to be careful of water usage because we’d gone some time without rain. She wasn’t worried. She said, “Well, we don’t drink water. We drink coffee.”


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  1. bearmkwa

    City mouse has no clue. Great story. Definitely shows the differences between city dwellers and country folk. Of course, then there’s a mid ground. I call them villagers… small, rural farm towners with just enough city in them to forget what they learned on the farm.

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    1. Dave, you are right! Farmers feed the world. Billionaires pay millions of dollars on their own campaigns, including up to $85,000 Mr. Bloomburg pays his staffers every year, while other candidates can’t afford so much. Lesser mortals are losing their staffers to the very attractive salaries Bloomburg can pay. We are in a mess, indeed.


    1. Exactly. I read, years ago, about a young bride who was horrified to find that in order to prepare her husband’s favorite meal she would have to deal with cutting up a whole, raw chicken! She’d never even thought before about where the chicken came from 🙂

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  2. A timely piece, Linda. Your country mouse shows a lot of wisdom in not arguing. He’ll have the last laugh in a pandemic when the supermarkets are empty. Personally I’m in awe of the expertise, ingenuity, strength and sheer physical endurance of good farmers.

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    1. Yes, me too. I grew up around farmers. My dad was the pastor of a small church in farm country when I was in high school, and I can tell you that the farmers are exactly as described. I also believe it is significant that those farmers tended to be convinced of the existence of God 🙂

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