“Can you believe we’re angels?” whispered Isobel.

“Can’t believe I made it!” Sammy whispered back.

“Feels like I’m wearing a nightgown. In public.”

“Can’t believe they’re making the guys wear dresses. Next floor up is haloes, I think.”

“No, it’s harps.”

“Don’t want to play any harp. It’s girlie.”

“Angels don’t have gender, Silly!”

“Don’t like that, either.”

“After harps, then haloes. Then assignments, then wings if we do a good job.”

“Whole thing makes no sense.”

“How’d you make it this far?”



51 thoughts on “Angels?

  1. OK, I am going to take the question mark in your title seriously… I don’t think they are in heaven at all. They are led to believe they are in heaven just to make their eternal misery worse. -That’s- how he made it 😉

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    1. Whatever it is, it starts very early. Babies are a whole lot more intelligent than we think–learning fast that when they cry, we will almost always pick them up. And perhaps that’s exactly where it starts 🙂

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