Peace Offering


It had been a pointless argument. Again! Susie was discouraged; Ted was fed up. Neither of them knew what to do.

Susie’s jaw hardened. She always gave in first. Not this time! He could stew and pout forever. If only she could just walk out—but she did love him.

Ted waited. Susie always caved. This time, though, he wondered. He’d never seen her looking so adamant before. Hmmm. Something special was in order. He could not–would not–say sorry. But he could take her some Haagen–Dazs.

She melted under the bliss of the frozen splendor.


37 thoughts on “Peace Offering

      1. bearmkwa

        Not necessarily, I saw some sugar free ice cream at the store. Used to get it for Mom. I also used to make and freeze fruit sauce. Boil down fruits (applesauce, pears, peaches) then freeze the pulp in paper cups with a spoon in the middle. Like we do for kids. It works and it’s delish.

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