Round and Round


Zing and Zang were suffering from severe nausea. They were dizzy and disoriented, and had no idea what to do about it.

Always careful not to reveal their true identities, they followed all traffic signals. They had never encountered a roundabout before.

Round and round they went, with no end in sight. Every sign they saw pointed in the same direction.

“Can’t we take one of these other streets?” asked Zang. “No one else is going in circles!”

“We must follow the arrows, no matter how silly it seems!”

Zang groaned. “We’re going to die.”

42 thoughts on “Round and Round

    1. They can teleport, of course 🙂 All space aliens are enormously smarter than we are, and are centuries ahead of us in intelligence and abilities. Why? Dunno. It just seems to be the way we see them 🙂


    1. Not from my part of the USA, where what we call “traffic circles” are becoming more and more common. They take us a little getting used to, though, I have to admit. Zing and Zang are from Zerkon 🙂 And I didn’t know about that French translation. I love it :)I


  1. Teehee! My sympathies are with Zing and Zang here. While I have no difficulty with traffic roundabouts, when it comes to ideas I can go round, and round and round…and round, for an awful long time before I realise I can take a different exit.
    Nice story, Linda

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  2. bearmkwa

    Oh, how I loved this one, Gran! Awesome! I dearly detest roundabouts. We have one near us that is in front of the library. Without any stop signs you take your life into your hands anytime you want to go to the library. I hate it with a passion! I feel for Zing and Zang.

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    1. Laurie, I’m wondering you live anywhere near me. There’s a Five Points intersection about 30 minutes down Highway 309. And I know of a small town where there are SEVEN roads that all start from the same intersection. I suppose it’s because these roads were all established during the horse or horse-and-buggy era.


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