A Random Conversation


“What are you reading, Dear?”

“The Ambassadors. By Henry James.”

“Ah. Never had the nerve to pick that one up. Too deep for me.”

“Charles, did you know Karl Marx is buried at Highgate Cemetery?”

“No, Love, I didn’t. Is that significant?”

“I suppose not. Just wondering why a German revolutionary landed here in London for his eternal rest.”

“Maybe Germany wouldn’t accept him back Rather like George Soros. I understand Hungary won’t let him back into his country. Odd sort of man, really.”

“Hmmmm. Maybe it’s not true that the best things in life are free.”


47 thoughts on “A Random Conversation

  1. I’ve most certainly never been a fan of Marx or Soros. If you’ve been reading certain things on my blog, you may know that. I agree with anyone who wants to ostracize them. Of course, Jesus wasn’t popular among His own. That’s typical. With Soros and Marx, though, they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere.

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  2. Through the ages, people have tried to persuade others to their point of view – not always with success. As time passes, some situations may become more readily accepted to more people. This has happened many times and will continue because of our opinion, we want people to like us and agree with us!

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    1. Yes, we have. I have. We all have. What bothers me in today’s political scene is the threat of bloodshed if we are on the wrong side of political correctness. I will happily converse with anyone about what I believe, but I will not coerce, threaten, or lie (everything should be FREE) to get my way.


      1. Wow, that’s surprising. Growing up in Australia we were taught communism was nasty. The queen is technically our head so I though the British would have been the same.

        Learn something knew every day 😀.

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      2. I did some digging, and my date of pre- wwI is not accurate. More like the early 1920’s, following WWI. The UK is a constitutional monarchy; the Queen is an influential titular head, but has no authority in Parliament. She is deeply respected, though, and can influence those in Parliament with whom she is close. It’s a rather complicated relationship, IMO, and as an American I’m sure my own perspective is somewhat skewed. In any case, here’s a website I thought you might be interested in:

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    1. I find it difficult to have any real sympathy for him. He theories and writings have murdered hundreds of thousands, especially during the 20th century, and under the mask of socialism they continue to cause political unrest and anger; i.e. Venezuela, most recently.

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  3. A good story well written, Linda. The issue of a person’s country rejecting them is especially tragic in these times. There is the large detainment camp in Syria where the wives, widows, and children of the ISIS fighters are being detained. Their countries of origin don’t want them and the conditions in the camp are poor. Many of the women resent this and now many are again spreading the ISIS beliefs through fear and the teaching of them to their children. Not enough attention is being paid to the problem. —- Suzanne

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