The Place

Jimmy and Bobby walked past The Place daily on their way to and from school. They made up stories; scary, funny, fantastical. They talked about finding a way in, but they knew they couldn’t do it.

One day as they walked by, they heard a whisper: “Pssssst! Please help me!” Their hair stood straight up on their heads, and they made it home in half the usual time.

Mom called the police. The officers who came to their door were skeptical, but the boys were convincing.

They called for backup. It was like a TV show. . . . . until the ending. . . . . . .

48 thoughts on “The Place

  1. Dang it! Sometimes I can deal with an ambiguous ending. My imagination can run free in a plethora of directions. Sometimes there’s that show that gets canceled following a season finale cliffhanger that eats away at your subconscious for years. This is very much like one of those TV shows. I’m going to imagine it’s a talking goat who has been the victim of horrible experiments.

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