Note to my Readers

I’ve been working on getting my photos to show up in my posts. This has taken a lot of tinkering, since I’m not a tech guru 🙂 This morning, however, I’m hoping I found the cure.

Would someone who was not able to see the pictures in “Our Story: 50 Years!” please let me know if you can see them now?

I sound like the old Verizon ad: “Can you hear me now?” 🙂


13 thoughts on “Note to my Readers

  1. I still only see the graduation picture. I’m not sure what type of editor software you’re using (via WordPress), but for me? There’s a tool bar at the top of my post page, and there’s a space to the left that says “Add Media”. If you click that, it SHOULD take you to your pictures library. You can add to the pictures in that gallery by choosing “upload photo” and then going on your computer and finding where the picture is stored, copying it, and uploading it. Yeah, that’s probably too technical, but maybe another idea is to get one of those happiness engineer people to walk you through, step by step. They’ll do that, you know. Good luck hun! 🙂

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      1. Oh, YAY!! Thank you so much for your helpful advice.! I couldn’t do exactly what you said, but I found other options that got me where I needed to go because of your information.

        Thank you for the lovely compliment, as well 🙂


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