Never Surrender!

PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames

Haruki stayed hidden in his cave on the island for many long days. He lost track after a while, and when he knew he would die if he didn’t find food, he began to venture out every few days.

The quietness bothered him. For endless months there had been bombs, screaming, bleeding, and rifle fire. Now, the silence was eerie.

One day, he dared to climb a tree that leaned far out over the water. He watched for hours. Nothing. No Japanese, no Americans.

Back in his cave, sleep eluded him.

Was the war over?

Note: The last known Japanese soldier to be found was Hiroo Onoda. He walked out of hiding in 1974, nearly 30 years after the war ended; he died in 2014 at age 91. He stayed hidden rather than to risk the total loss of face in being captured by the enemy.

Note #2: I chose to see him as peering through small binoculars rather than using a cell phone. A cell just wouldn’t have worked in my story 🙂


60 thoughts on “Never Surrender!

  1. Dear Linda,

    There’s no need for anyone to be a slave to the photo prompt. You were close enough and the story is wonderful. No need to explain the absence of the cell phone. 😉 The last line is the exclamation point on the rest.



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      1. Well, now I’m looking forward to reading yours. I need to catch up. We lost electricity yesterday until around midnight–huge rain and windstorm, with a big serving of hail to top it off.

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  2. Abhijit Ray

    Haruki seemed to be sleeping better when war was raging. Now that war seems to have ended, sleep has also eluded Haruki. He should get back to mainland.


  3. A good story based on real history, Linda. I remember seeing that on TV when it happened. Changing the cell phone to binoculars was just fine. Writers often take a bit of license with stories. As I remember, he was popular with the other Japanese and even got married. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  4. Hard to imagine how someone could stay in hiding all that time and not be found, as well as how he could survive and stay sane. Great story, Linda. You’ve shown how it might have been for him.

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