Game Over!

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Sofia hated the blindfold. She hated to be spun around. And she hated this silly game.

The donkey wasn’t fond of it, either. For years, donkeys had endured being stuck with all manner of sharp objects, feeling helpless.

But Sofia whispered to the donkey as she approached. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Well, then, DON’T!” yelled the donkey, as he jumped off the paper and dropped to the ground, suddenly full-sized. “NO MORE! I will not endure this any more, ever!”

Children were screaming, running in all directions.

“Game OVER!” brayed the donkey.


68 thoughts on “Game Over!

  1. Abhijit Ray

    No one would like to be pricked with a pin in the rear end party after party. Because it is a donkey, albeit a paper donkey, it took it for so long. Good that it woke up.

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  2. bearmkwa

    We both feel a bit like the donkey this week being stuck by the Pharmacy, doctors, insurance companies, drug companies all trying NOT to fill a simple script with a $0 co-pay attached. Meanwhile, we lived in terror that the meds wouldn’t be there and the next seizure proving a fatal one. Add to that our phones and all attached thereof being hacked while at a convention,,, and I’m ready to rip the “donkey” off the wall.

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