A Moment

PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

It was quiet in the pool. Only one other lane held a swimmer. The water was perfect on that hot summer day–cool, not icy. Swimming relaxes and refreshes me. But I’ll never go back.

See the dimple about 2/3 of the way down the lane? That’s me. I stayed in one place for what seemed an eternity, while someone–something–held my feet. My nose was the only thing above the water.Couldn’t move at all.

And then, suddenly, I was free. Terrified, I sped to the ladder, hoisted myself up and ran.

No. I’ll never go back.


48 thoughts on “A Moment

    1. Thanks. In actuality, the worst thing I ever saw while doing laps was a big human turd. When I told the lifeguard, he wouldn’t believe me. So I pointed him in the right direction, and when he came up for air he was a believer 🙂

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  1. Maybe just the ghost of a swimming instructor showing the right way to kick. Afterall it did help her swim faster (and probably helped in sprinting faster on land). Might have been Casper 😉

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      1. Bear

        Yeah, I pulled a few under in my day in retaliation, too. They hated when a ‘little’ girl ( I was very small and skeleton skinny) beat them at their own game.

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