Dark and Cold

The caped and hooded woman kept pace with the city worker ahead of her. Heart thudding, she prayed he would stay close until she reached her car. She kept her eyes glued to the letters on his vest–white letters that showed clearly in the gathering darkness.

“There’s nothing colder than a dark alley in a winter city,” she thought.

The man seemed to slow his pace. She did the same. Just a few more steps to the parking lot.

Then, without warning, he turned and ran straight toward her. Paralyzed, she saw only the glinting knife he held.

61 thoughts on “Dark and Cold

    1. We lived in north Minneapolis when I was little, and my parents impressed on us some basic rules of safety. Both of them worked, so we were latchkey kids before it became a “thing.” In any case, their repeated admonitions had me hyper-aware of everything around me, even in broad daylight.

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  1. deborahsdeliberations

    Chilling story and very well told. You had me on the edge of my seat, wondering what was going to happen. Let’s hope someone comes to her rescue.

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