So They Say

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

This lovely, peaceful place, they say, used to harbor monks who were slaughtered during Cromwell’s reign. They say that those monks rise when the moon is full. They walk the paths in silence. They say that no one has seen their faces.

Those who have seen the ghosts don’t speak of it. Something in their eyes forbids questions. But, they say, once a person has seen the ghosts, he is compelled to return. They watch in silence, waiting.

One of the watchers wrote in his diary that the paths were wet with tears as the monks passed.

So they say.


69 thoughts on “So They Say

    1. It’s part of a very dark period of Britain’s history, when the Catholics and the Puritans took turns hunting each other down and killing each other in terrible ways. Yes, lots of tears.


      1. Yes . In Shakespeare’s sonnet LXXIII sonnet, which includes a reference to ‘cold,
        Bare ruin’d choirs, where late the sweet birds sang’, that refers to Henry VIII destruction of the monasteries of England

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  1. As I was scrolling down the miles of your comments 😉 I saw Rochelle stole what I wanted to say.
    So, Well done, loved the rhythm and “They” are all-telling on all sorts of subjects, aren’t “They”?

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    1. My son was telling me about visiting Auschwitz. He said the whole place is as quiet as a tomb. There wasn’t even any birdsong. No one talked. It was as if the spirits of those who suffered there were still present.

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  2. This was really well written, Linda. I liked the last line about the path being wet with the monks’ tears. I too had heard that nothing grows at Auschwitz. Lots of tears and blood are in that place. So many dark periods in history.

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