Thrills and Chills

The aliens in the dome behind the wheel were first shocked, then hysterical with laughter. Earth people could NOT resist colored lights, music, and a brief thrill.

Time after time, they loaded up the Ferris wheel, laughing and screaming, never noticing when they were sucked out of their buckets into another dimension.

And those waiting in line for their own thrills never suspected that the people alighting from the wheel were only shadows of themselves, melting into air and water.

What was really sad, though, was that no one seemed to miss them.


62 thoughts on “Thrills and Chills

      1. It’s the name of my blog which is a pun on the Monty python ministry of silly walks. The ministry of Shrawley walks is 4 folk walking the dogs in a rural paradise called Shrawley, nothing more. I only jumped on board the FF because someone I followed suggested I try. My usual stuff can be about whatever I feel like saying!

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  1. It would have been less scary if the people disappeared after getting on the wheel. That way, their absence would definitely have been noticed, and it would have been a run-of-the-mill alien abduction story.
    A clever, well-constructed tale.

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