The Gift

PHOTO PROMPT © Anshu Bhojnagarwala

Every night for over a week, Anika woke in the small hours to the tinkling tunes from the old clavier. One night, too curious to be fearful, Anika crept from her curtained bed and tiptoed to the porch where the instrument sat.

Shocked, she saw the shadow of a lovely young girl playing the old relic, but it wasn’t old any more. Every key intact, it was lovely and whole.

When Anika told her Amma and Appa, they said, “Anika, you have been chosen. You have the gift. We will purchase a piano for you.”


78 thoughts on “The Gift

    1. Mysterious and intriguing. I thought that her Amma and Appa wouldn’t believe her, and would attribute her vision to an overactive imagination. To me, her gift seems to be her psychic ability, as her musical talent hasn’t yet manifested.

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    1. I was imagining that if a child saw the girl playing, that was the sign. I’ve sure had a lot of good feedback on this one. More fun to read that than to write it in the first place 🙂


  1. Abhijit Ray

    Parents often throw a challenge to kids to see if kids are really interested or going through a passing fad. Anika’s parents thought she was really playing well the old piano. But who was playing it actually? Was it Anika’s guiding angel?

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  2. What a lovely take on the prompt, Linda! It has overtones of Georg Handel’s childhood experience, when, in defiance of his father, he had a small clavichord smuggled up to the attic and practised on it until his persistence convinced his parents.

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  3. It sounded to me like a future or fantasy world where gifts are revealed through visions. I wondered if perhaps the gift might mean more than just a talent at playing, something more all-encompassing, like leadership or bravery or magic. 😊


  4. gahlearner

    That’s so beautiful and magical. If the parents recognize the meaning, I picture it as a family legend, of one of the place that’s been told for generations. Dream or ghost, both works.

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