The Getaway


His plan was foolproof. He knew exactly when Signora Romano would leave for the bank. He had even spotted a scooter and made sure it would start.

Leaning against her building, he saw when the tottery old girl stepped outside. Once her back was turned, he ran up behind her, grabbed her purse, and shoved her hard. He ran to the scooter, touched the wires together, and waited for the motor to roar.

By the time the the polizia arrived, he had realized he was on a mobility scooter. No power, no speed.

No hope.


62 thoughts on “The Getaway

  1. Abhijit Ray

    Serves him well. First he robs an old lady. Second does not appear to be very intelligent. Why would he take trouble to ride a mobility scooter? He could have run faster.

    Liked by 1 person

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