The Date


Bobby loved his new ride. The old man had finally come through.

He spent time getting ready for his conquest.

Kathy had her doubts. Bobby was kind of shallow. Stuck on himself. But she was ready.

“Bobby, there’s nothing but woods out here. Turn around.”

Grinning, he parked, threw his arm over her shoulders, and leaned in for a kiss.

“Don’t! Stop!

He laughed.

Her knee found its mark. The heel of her right hand slammed his chin up: her elbow wrecked his gut. Panting and groaning, he didn’t feel so amorous.

Kathy glared. “Now take me home, you creep!”

Note: My first draft was 187 words. It was like bleeding to cut 87 words out. One of these days I’m going to have to come back to this and develop it. The characters I drew in the first draft were so much fun:)  But here it is, 

 words.  It CAN be done!


84 thoughts on “The Date

  1. Frankie Perussault

    ha ha I read “Don’t stop!” instead of “Don’t!” “Stop!”… but I’m French of course. Why is that in the anglo-world women are so scared of making love? Is that a special gene or just crazy education? Sorry Linda. I do like what you write. (from threefoldtwenty dotcom)

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  2. Nice one. He picked the wrong girl to mess with. Bruce Lee would have been proud of her. But inside a car I would have thought the hand and elbow would have been enough. Not sure how the knee would work in a small enclosed space.


  3. Lovely story, Linda. Seeing someone get their richly-deserved comeuppance is always a pleasure! And although cutting 87 words hurt, it seems to me that the end result amply justifies it, because your story is taut, action-packed and full of pace.

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  4. Nice portrayal of a woman standing up for herself and what she wants. The sad news is that it isnt always enough. What shames and humiliates a big ego might not work on an equally “prepared ” and determined rapist.

    As for cutting, Id say your patient survived surgery and is doing very well!

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    1. Ha! Thanks–I’m glad my patient didn’t bleed tp death 🙂

      And yes, I believe you are right–an experienced rapist wouldn’t have been so easily deterred. Let’s hope Bobby doesn’t go in that direction.

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