They Can’t See Me

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

“Why do you keep putting up the tape? It’s a mess!” Jacob was impatient. This was an old conversation.

“Because, Papa, if I can’t see them, then they can’t see me.”

“Keila, that is silly. No one is looking for you!”

She grew taller, and more tape went up. More and more. And one day, Jacob didn’t come home. Ever.

Keila put up more tape, waiting, fearing.

When the heavy tread and the impatient banging on the lintel finally came, she pretended she couldn’t see them. But they saw her.


56 thoughts on “They Can’t See Me

  1. “she pretended she couldn’t see them.” – You see, that’s her problem right there – she “pretended” she couldn’t see them, which meant that she -did- see them. If you go by that “If I don’t see them” routine, well, the first rule is that you really don’t see them 😉 Nice story, if a bit chilling.

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  2. I love the way you put it: This was an old conversation.

    I read this as the daughter hearing voices because of schizophrenia or a dissociative disorder. I could see the father, at some point, either checking out of the relationship, or dying, and leaving this now grown child, to confront these voices on her own. Powerful.

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    1. Thank you, Anshu. You are correct. In the years building up to WWII, many Jewish families escaped to safety as more and more laws were made restricting them, turning them out of their jobs, and so on. Some, however, believed it would all pass and were not concerned. Jacob was one of those, and his daughter was a victim because of his own failure to see what was coming.


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