A Serendipity

RDP Tuesday – collection

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My mom had a collection of ceramic birds. She loved all sorts, but was particularly fond of hummingbirds. Of course, once the people in the churches my dad pastored discovered her love of birds, she was given all sorts of them as gifts. At first she was delighted, but after a while, there was just no more space for them all. She had one, though, that she loved more than all the rest because my dad got it for her. It was truly beautiful. I can’t remember what kind of birds, but the figurine was white, and it was truly lovely.

After she died, there was the chore of boxing up all her things and disposing of them in different ways. Someone, I don’t know who, must have taken a box of her birds to a local antique shop.

One day, my niece who lives in the same area as my mom had lived was shopping. She went into the antique store, just poking around to see if there was anything she liked, and she suddenly saw my mom’s favorite ceramic bird sitting there. She bought it on the spot. Later, she said that she had always wondered what happened to that bird. She and my mom had a special tie, and it seems to me she had asked my mom for that particular bird.

We’ll never know the whole story. When you have many hands helping, sometimes things get overlooked and/or under-valued. In any case, my niece was so excited to find that particular bird that she could hardly wait to get it home and let everyone know she had found it.

I have a collection of teapots, and a small collection of dolls. I love them all, never tire of their beauty. Someday, my female relatives will be left with the chore of “what to do with Mom’s/Grandma’s collection.” It is sad that the things we treasure often have little appeal or value to the following generations.

RDP: Collection

2 thoughts on “A Serendipity

  1. When I helped Mom move from her house to her apartment, a sorting and getting-rid-of was necessary. I got there several days before her scheduled Garage Sale, only to discover she had a very small table of things to sell. So I started pulling things out of cupboards and cabinets.

    Everything I produced had some story, was bought at xxx, or given by a friend or sister on xxx occasion. I’d say, “Sell or keep. That’s all I need to know.” But she had to share each story. 🙂


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