Oy Vey!

I created a mess for myself this morning.  Too late, I realized I’d typed my post for my writing blog onto  my Bible study blog instead. It was already published, and I couldn’t just delete it without having to rewrite it.  So, I figured I’d just cut/paste, right?

Wrong. Don’t try to do that, at least not the way I did.  I highlighted the post, and pasted it in a new tab for my writing blog.

Which completely changed the format, omitted the picture, and changed the font; it put everything all into one paragraph.

Took me some time and effort to make the necessary changes, but now the whole piece shows up in my “recently posted” widget and also in the “related” and “previous” headings at the bottom of the blog.  If anyone knows how to get rid of that mess, I’d surely appreciate it if you’d share with me:)

RDP: Help!


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