Not a Strategist


mid 16th century (in the senses ‘to take something into consideration,’ ‘mention something before the proper time’): from Latin anticipat- ‘acted in advance,’ from anticipare, based on ante- ‘before’ + capere ‘take.’


I don’t play chess. I’ve tried to learn it, and this year it’s on my very short list of resolutions. In fact, it’s the ONLY thing on the list 🙂

My problem with games of strategy is that my opponent almost always anticipates my next three moves before I’ve thought of them myself. I’m just no good at it, and I absolutely will not play strategy games with Terry because he gloats. Despicable man.

Of course, he won’t play Scrabble with me because, well, I guess I might gloat a little bit, too 🙂

I’ve learned one or two things in my 71 years. One is that when players are unevenly matched, the only one having fun is the one who wins 99% of the time. The other poor sap may as well knit an afghan or something, for all the challenge he is to the One Who Always Wins.

I enjoy games in which the playing field is even. Ones where the youngest among us has just as good a chance at winning as the most experienced does. I love it when the little kid in the group wins. He’s SO excited, and isn’t that a lot more fun than being The One Who Always Wins?

Card games that rely on luck just as much as skill are fun for me. I enjoy Phase Ten, but I will not, under any circumstances, play Dutch Blitz. I’m not fast. No matter how fast I am in grabbing for a card, someone sneaks in just under my hand and snatches it away. Always, every single time. Fun for them, but after the first two or three rounds I’m just not having a good time any more. It’s like a steady diet of grits, no butter, no salt. Boring.

Well, I hope you are all enjoying your day off, if you have this day off. Lots of people don’t. They’re out there patrolling the streets and roads, working in hospitals and fire stations, just as they do every other day. I’m thankful for them, and pray for their safety.

I’m anticipating 2019 as a productive year. I hope you are, too. Happy New Year!

RDP: Anticipate

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