Greatness to Goats

PHOTO PROMPT © Randy Mazie

His life, from birth, was planned for him. Born to wealth and power, his education the best, he grew up believing he was invincible.

As a young man, newly married to the state’s most beautiful and elegant young lady, he was already held in high regard by everyone. His stature was indisputable. His wealth, inherited and earned, was legendary. Money paved every path.

His wife closed her eyes to his “indiscretions.” She dutifully produced an heir, and dutifully died thereafter.

Now, he has a huge gravestone and a herd of goats to keep him company.


59 thoughts on “Greatness to Goats

  1. The 4:am program which is on agriculture turned out more boring his week than ever which made me switched the station because of the nonsense the folks were talking about a man died last year. These folks spoke of the nice things he did. when he was alived but didn’t tell him a word when he could hear them.

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    1. He did have an heir for whom he should have been responsible. And men of his wealth usually had people working for them, depending on them for their own sustenance. I don’t think he cared much about anything but himself.

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  2. Abhijit Ray

    With all money and position of privilege and all open doors, still could not stop door to death opening. Wheel of time moves slowly but surely. At least he has big tombstone and a herd of goat at death.

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    1. Sorry for the confusion. Grammatically, “She” is the subject of the sentence; the verb is compound. “She produced. . .and died.” I went back to make sure my grammar was correct, and it is–but if it was confusing, then I should have found a more definitive way to say it. Thanks, Russell.


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