A White Blouse

RDP Saturday – White

late Old English hwīt, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wit and German weiss, also to wheat.


Remember the Ben Casey Blouse? It was very popular for a little while when I was a junior or senior, not sure which.

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I’m guessing this was around 1963-4. I remember that all of a sudden every cool girl in school had one, and somehow they all seemed to wear them on the same day.

A white doctor tunic with buttons on the side and a Nehru collar, they were a wildly popular fad. Of course, the guy behind the style was also wildly popular. A broody, dark-haired, dark-eyed Vince Edwards played the role of Ben Casey. He was a rebel with a cause–straighten out the medical process in his hospital.

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Well, I never got one of those blouses. I didn’t really mind, because they only lasted for a couple of weeks, and then no one was wearing them at all.

I do love a pretty white blouse, though. I have one that I especially like, very lacy and feminine, and made of fabric that isn’t supposed to be starchy, but is crinkly instead. You don’t put it in the dryer, and you never iron it.

This isn’t exactly it, but it comes close. Comfortable, pretty, and low maintenance. Doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

RDP: White

9 thoughts on “A White Blouse

  1. Interesting that you should write about a white shirt. Last night I was going through my closet trying to decide what to wear to dinner tonight and flipped through dress shirts I no longer wear.


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