Copyright – Adam Ickes

He thought most of his clothes were worn out and worthless, just as he was. His boots, however, were almost new. Maybe someone else could get some use out of them.

His watch was cheap. His glasses, broken. His wallet, empty.

He slipped the boots off, lined them up neatly, took a deep breath, and stepped off the high bridge. His body made very little noise as it slipped into the water.

There was no one around to hear, anyway.


78 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. So sad he thought himself worthless. He obviously was a kind soul, leaving his boots for someone else before stepping off the bridge. A good reminder to watch those in our sphere. A sad reality during this time of year especially. Gently written.

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    1. It IS a punch in the gut. In my work, I see the survivors. There is very little comfort, except to cry with them and let them tell the story over and over. As we spiral down into a mentality that does not value human life, we’re seeing more and more suicide, especially among teens and even younger. Breaks my heart.

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    1. For those with no family, no friends, it is just something they have to get through. I have two clients who both told me they just go to the movies, go out to eat, go to the movies. My heart breaks for them. The ethics of my profession forbids a secondary relationship with a client. If not for that, I would have invited them to come to us.


  2. minenerddiaries

    So sad, I believe that everyone life is so important and they don’t have any right to take his life. I also have some of the moments in my life that are so depressing and made me think its end. But Life is all about living with emotions. I love the way you narrate the story. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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