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ripple (v.) early 15c., “to crease;” 1660s, “to present a ruffled surface,” of unknown origin, perhaps a frequentative of rip (v.)


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I suppose this is what most of us think of when we imagine a ripple.

I also think of, for instance, a ripple of laughter going through a classroom or audience, perhaps a church congregation.  And in the church setting, I’ve heard it many times as news of a death, an accident, a serious illness or, on the other side, the birth of a baby, an engagement announcement or other good news is shared. That’s what family is about in a good church where the people are part of each other’s lives. It’s a wonderful thing. 

A ripple of sound, a ripple of a breeze, a ripple of cold air coming through an open window or doorway in winter; the ripple of a gifted musician’s running scales on a piano, or a singer’s effortless climb to the high note–these are all pleasant things. 

Oh, by the way, I took the dive this morning on my other blog and used the new editor.  It’s really not much different once you take the plunge.  You may have to look for things you’re used to seeing, like the tool bar.  And the link thingy isn’t the same as you’re used to, but it’s easy–you just have to click an arrow to apply it. Everything is still there, they’ve just made it so you have to go on a hunt for some of it.  I’m sure there’s lots to learn, and now that I’ve used it I’m not afraid of it any more 🙂

RDP:  Ripple


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