A Wonderful Life

RDP Wednesday – BIRTHDAY


From Middle English birthdaibirtheday, from Old English ġebyrddæġ (birthday), equivalent to birth +‎ day. Compare Saterland Frisian Gebuursdai (birthday), Dutch geboortedag (birthday), German Geburtstag (birthday).


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Birthdays are great, most of the time.  As poor as we were when I was growing up, my mom and dad always managed some kind of gift.  And a delicious cake 🙂

Because my birthday is on the Fourth of July, everyone was always home.  We went down to the farm in Iowa sometimes.  After we moved to Oregon when I was 10, we did some really cool trips on my birthday.  I remember going to Mt. Hood one year, and it seems we also went to the beach at least once. There were always fireworks at the end of a long, full day, and I remember going to bed so tired that falling asleep was a matter of seconds.

Now it’s a little different.  My kids are scattered hither and yon.  Sometimes they manage their vacations  to get here for my birthday, but it’s rare.  My daughter and her family are the only one who are nearby, so usually the day is spent with them and, occasionally, other family friends.

It’s different in another way, as well, now that I’m on the other end of the life spectrum.  I’m perfectly happy with a quiet day, very little fuss or bother. Looking at 72 this summer, and that’s not nearly as exciting as becoming a teenager at 13, or graduating high school and leaving home before I was 18; getting married at 21, having my first baby at nearly 23.   Big milestones in life, for sure.

For many years, we had each child select their guests for their favorite birthday dinner, which almost always included a triple-layer chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing.  And ice cream.  Always ice cream.

I’m thankful to have lived this long.  I have no particular goal for how much longer I want to live.  That’s up to the Lord, and I look forward to going home to heaven, too, when He  decides it’s time.

It really has been a wonderful life.

RDP:  Birthday


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