A Favorite Smell


1960s: blend of petro- ‘relating to rocks’ (the smell is believed to be caused by a liquid mixture of organic compounds that collects in the ground) and ichor.


Well, okay, but that doesn’t tell me what ichor is.  A little further searching tells me:   ichor ((Greek mythology) liquid that flows in the veins of gods in place of blood).

Huh.  Somehow that’s not very glamorous.

However,  that smell of rain after a dry spell is one of my all-time favorite smells.  I had no idea there was a word for it.

Image result for petrichor

I remember, living in Minneapolis, the incredible refreshment of rain  after a long, dry, humid spell.  The concrete streets and sidewalks seemed to soak up the rain like thirsty plants do.  The grass and the earth woke up, giving off a wonderful aroma.  Even the leaves on the trees smelled different.

Our street was lined with big old trees.  I loved pulling a leaf off of a tree after the rain stopped, and just holding it to my nose for a few minutes while I enjoyed the smell.

I still love rain.  I love clouds, and I love thunder.  Lightning? Not so much, because it’s dangerous.  But I do like to watch when it’s far enough away to not be a threat.  Such power in the skies!  The wind that accompanied those storms seemed to blow all the heat, dust, and humidity away, and after the storm the sky would be heartbreak blue, with maybe just a wisp of a cloud now and then.

And now I feel like bursting into song:


RDP: Petrichor


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